Our Expertise

Since its founding in 1973, Branch and its affiliated companies have acquired, developed and managed over $2.5 billion of commercial real estate, accounting for more than 12 million square feet of leasable space. Branch’s investment acumen, operating experience, market relationships and access to capital enable it to source and execute attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities on behalf of its partners.


Branch has been actively involved with the acquisition of existing projects for over 40 years. Branch often works through the listing brokers and has a good track record of sourcing off-market deals as well.

Aside from sourcing deals, Branch’s experience includes all aspects of the acquisition process—investment analysis, physical and economic due diligence, financial structuring and oversight of the legal process. Branch has extensive experience and expertise in analyzing environmental issues and crafting creative solutions for environmental challenges.

Development / Redevelopment

Branch has been actively involved in the development and construction management arena for over 30 years. This includes coordination of all aspects of the development process (acquisition, entitlement, design, engineering, budgeting, financing, construction management, etc.) for ground-up development of new projects as well as for major redevelopment projects and renovation of existing projects.

Branch’s development and redevelopment projects have included both shopping centers and multifamily projects. In addition, Branch has extensive experience in mixed-use projects, including vertically-integrated mixed-use. This experience provides Branch with a helpful base of knowledge on mixed-use projects even if Branch is developing only one of the product types in the project.

Branch has participated in a number of development joint ventures and has the flexibility to be as active or as inactive as appropriate: Branch can simply provide the required equity for a developer partner or can handle all or part of the development/construction management process for the joint venture.


Branch typically handles the leasing for all of its retail properties. It has extensive contacts with a large network of anchor and mini-anchor tenants. In addition, its leasing agents are quite pro-active in pursuing small shop leasing and re-leasing as well as the renewal of existing tenants.

On development joint ventures, Branch has the flexibility to allow the developer partner to handle all of the leasing or some part of the leasing (e.g., anchor), although Branch has the ability to handle whatever part of the leasing process that is appropriate.

Asset Management and Property Management

Branch has an outstanding track record of property management and asset management spanning over 40 years. Its day-to-day property management activities are centered around making its shopping centers well maintained and accessible to the customers and places where the merchants can thrive.

Branch’s accounting and reporting systems utilize the latest in technology and are designed to provide not only raw data but useful information.

Branch’s asset management services include strategic oversight and direction for each property as well as its financial structure and overall performance.